System Q CPU

The MELSEC Q Series

Automation Platform

Q Series stands apart from conventional PLCs. It is a new, multidisciplinary automation platform addressing needs of OEMs and end users scalable across the general scope of automation applications from smaller to very large systems. While PLCs are typically limited to sequence control, Q Series offers a broad spectrum of different automation capabilities. We refer to it as an “automation platform”, as sequence control is just one of its many capabilities. It is equally capable of process, sophisticated motion and open, PC based control, either individually, or simultaneously. Hence Q Series is much more than just a PLC.

Features Include:

  • Spans a range of CPU types from small/medium systems, to complex networked systems handling tens of thousands of I/O, addressing the needs of all applications.
  • Embraces contemporary technologies such as high-speed Ethernet, open systems and Internet capabilities, to reduce lifecycle costs via remote system management & maintenance.
  • Increases productivity throughout a system life cycle of design, implementation, and maintenance by offering a range of capabilities that allow more to be achieved in less time.
  • Multiple CPU capability adds open-ended system performance and flexibility.
  • Multiple program capability allows concurrent development, code reuse, better program organization and faster troubleshooting for less downtime.
  • Multiple access to the system allows many technicians to work simultaneously for faster system debugging and maintenance.
  • High productivity GX Developer programming tools permit designers to concentrate on the automation of their system, not the configuration of the controller.
  • Networking & communication options distribute Q Series systems over wide areas while reducing wiring costs.
  • Sequence CPUs can also address process applications by means of built-in PID capabilities.
  • Extremely compact package saves panel costs.
  • Certified by UL, cUL, CE as indicated and DNV, ABS, BV, RINA, LR & NK shipping approvals for all Q Series.
  • Redundant CPU capability is available for hot-backup of critical systems.

System Configuration

CPU Modules

QS Safety PLC

Power Supplies and Memory Cards

Base and Extension Units

Input, Output and Combination Modules

Analog Input Modules

Analog Output Modules

Temperature Modules

Thermocouple Modules

Special Function Modules

Networking Solutions


Terminal Layouts and Dimensions

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Showing 1–12 of 54 results