MELSEC-Q Series QCPU System Configuration

High Performance Model CPU Systems

Multiple CPU Configuration Notes 
(For Q02CPU or Higher)Install up to 4 CPUs in the first four slots of the base rack. Sequence CPUs are always mounted to the left of other CPUs; PC CPUs are always mounted to the right of other CPUs.Combine CPUs of the same type (sequence, motion, process or PC) together.AQ PC CPU can be used standalone. When used together, motion and PC CPUs must be used with a sequence CPU or process CPU. Always use motion CPUs with a sequence CPU or process CPU.Don’t leave vacant slots between CPUs.

Additional notes concerning version B Basic Sequence CPUs (Q00 and Q01)
Version B and later of these CPUs support multiple CPU configurations. However, there are some differences compared to systems using Q02 or higher, as follows:Only one CPU of each type may be used (E.G. sequence, motion, and PC). Hence Q01CPU, Q172CPUN and PC CPU is permitted, but Q00CPU, Q01CPU and Q172CPUN is not.Q02CPU or higher cannot be used in these systems. Process CPUs (Q12PHCPU and Q25PHCPU) cannot be used in these systems.

How do I know if I have a Version B CPU?
The side of each CPU module bears a panel with this information. Look for the legend “serial” followed by a 15 digit number. For Version B CPUs, the number ends in “–B”

Special Note for redundant CPUs:
The redundant CPUs (QnPRHCPU) do not support multiple CPU configurations. For complete iinformationon QnPRHCPU configurations, see SH(NA)080486.